The Local Flower Collective
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About The local Flower Collective.

The Local Flower Collective was established in 2018 to further the development of Ontario flower growers and promote environmentally conscious design practices. The Collective is run by a thriving community of local growers and florists that are passionate about celebrating the entire stage of a flowers life – seed to vase!

Together, many thoughtful hands formed this group as a space where seasonality and Ontario’s unique bounty could be at the forefront of floral design. Our goal is to provide more support to local growers, while putting the most unusual flower varieties into the hands of designers. The more beauty bursting out into the streets the better!

Located in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood, The Collective is a hub of activity May through October as the fields are in full flush during those months. It’s a space where: growers drop off their weekly harvests for florist pickups; a communal design studio available for rent by The Collective members; and a prop rental atelier for weddings, workshops and events.