The Local Flower Collective
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What is The Local Flower Collective?

The Local Flower Collective is a hub and community that focuses on sustainable farming of Ontario-grown flowers. It is run by growers and florists whose goal is to ensure that more local and ecologically friendly flowers are accessible in Toronto and the GTA. It is a space where you can buy, sell or rent local products.


interested in being a member?

The Local Flower Collective accepts a select number of members each year. If you are a grower or a florist and are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the appropriate application found in the navigation bar above. Once we have received your application, we will follow up with you to discuss the next steps.


Why Become a member?

Being a member of The Local Flower Collective gives you access to our thriving local flower community. The Collective is a one-stop-shop for both florists and growers.

As a grower, you have the opportunity to sell your product to a large number of Toronto florists and our convenient location means you only have tp deliver to one place.

As a florists, you are given access to our buying platform where you can order from our growers, our rental inventory for weddings and events, and our list of talented freelancers.


DO you have to pay to be a member?

Yes, we do have membership fees. We offer different types of memberhsips depending on your needs. Once you have filled out the application we will follow up with you to discuss these options.

Once you are a member you will be given access to our hub which allows you to purchase flowers online from our growers and become a part of our community!

Orders are then picked up at The Collective studio during our allotted hours.



(for members only) May - October

Drop off times for growers: Tuesday 11 am - 1 pm + Wednesday 7 am - 10:30 am

Pick up times: Tuesday 1 pm - 2pm + Wednesday 10: 30 am - 1:30 pm



want to order flowers?

If you are not a member but are interested in ordering local flowers through The Collective for pick up, please place your orders here. Or send us an email.